NewsWhat are PNB HRMS and its benefits?

What are PNB HRMS and its benefits?


The most significant resources for personnel and the public are HRMS systems or the staff management system. Punjab National Bank offers HRMS as a service, providing various self-service options, leveraging its extensive branch network and distribution systems. Namely, this is why the bank has installed such a system to help out the many others. Here, we will discuss some features of the PNB Parivar HRMS portal, such as what services can be accessed from this portal and how to log in and reset passwords in it.

What is PNB HRMS?

The PNB HRMS was introduced in the year 2006 to be the primary requirement for salary processing and some other functions of salaried employees of banks.

Apart from making available niche facilities of centralized salary processing and employee record management, it also offers many other services. The primary functions of this package include Attendance, HR management, Performance Appraisal, Training Management, Employee Selection, and Promotion Process. 

What are the benefits associated with PNB HRMS?

What the HRMS system empowers employees to do is get various services.

Salary Slip

An individual can view salary slips whenever they need to access them through the portal every month. Also, the document can be generated in printout form; alternatively, a PDF version of such a file can also be downloaded.

Pension Slip: 

As a retired staff checking out the Punjab National Bank, you can find any of the post retirement services on this portal. You also can check, download as well as print your pension

Loan and Advance Status: 

On this portal, the user is able to confirm the bank’s availability for a loan, and also one can confirm whether you are running an advance. Also, the employee can request any loan via this channel. 

Bank Holiday List: 

Bank holidays are a list that the employees access through the HRMS portal. This is whereby the employees can keep a tab on when they will be taking their leaves in relation to what holidays are available.

It is mandatory to have one account that acts as a center of operations for all areas within the organization.The following is a login mechanism for the Punjab National Bank’s resident and former employee(s) of the PNB HRMS system, provided that they registered to it by using their credentials. When the employees join, the credentials are given to them. In case you do not know the username and password; you should get in touch with that branch manager. The end-user will have to give in such details as job information, registered mobile number, e-mail ID among other documents which may be necessary. The documents and details that would be checked will again give you the login details that enable you to register with PNB HRMS.


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