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Know How to Send a Snap with Cartoon Face Lens


Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens lets you add whimsy to your images. Knowing how to send a snap with this lens makes it easy. The Send A Snap With the Cartoon Face Lens is simply accessible by tapping the happy face. Explore by sliding up. Search for “Cartoon Face” to find your favorite.

Send a photo to your friends to share the cartoon fun! Fan favorites like Anime and 3D Style may change you in this diverse lens environment. There are sparkling Pixar filters and Disney-esque charm lenses for any carefree mood! Check out these fun filters to spice up your images.

What’s the process for sending a snap with the Cartoon Face Lens?

After learning to utilize Snapchat’s Cartoon face lens, here’s how to submit a photo. 

  • Install Snapchat on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap the cheerful animated face in the app’s camera area to test the lens.
  • Press and hold the screen’s bottom border for a few seconds to display the explore lens. 
  • Search “Cartoon Face” for more lenses like this.
  • After choosing a lens, press the shutter to take a picture. 
  • You may email your friends once you’ve located the email option.

Popular Cartoon Snapchat Face Lenses

Cartoon Face lenses are so popular among mobile device face lenses that many variations have evolved. The application offers several lenses since there are many cartoons. After considerable thought, we picked the four most popular ones for your next photo.

Cartoon 3D Style Lens

Cartoon 3D Style was a popular 2023 Snapchat lens. Celebrities and others used this effect to share images online in the summer of 2023. The 3D style lens lets users become Pixar characters, down to hairdo. Users may add music to their photos. 

Images may be used to enhance existing photographs. Cartoon 3D has over 1.7 billion views and was inspired by celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Dabboo Ratnani, Sunny Chopra, Adita Raval, Vishal Pandey, and others.

Anime Style Lens

If you like Japanese anime, try Snapchat’s Anime Style lens. This lens is perfect for testing. You feel like a long-lost anime character. This filter’s rapid viral spread on TikTok in 2020 led to its spectacular climb to prominence that year. Your movie appears more professional with a new face, soundtrack, and special effects. Augmented Reality (AR) makes it seem like a charming two-dimensional figure. This Snapchat-specific lens was built in Lens Studio. 

CR Filter

Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens resembles the essay’s initial lens. However, it oversmoothes the face, making it cuter. Superimposing bigger eyes, eyebrows, and hair makes it appear like a Disney character. It quickly became Snapchat’s most popular Cartoon face lens after its August 2020 release. This lens makes your face look like a Disney character.

Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens

Want a Pixar-style sparkling look? Using a cartoon filter might assist. Try the Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens—recommended. The lens creates realistic figures like those in Pixar films. Its numerous moving sparkles make this filter ideal for video editing.

3D Cartoon Lens

For more realistic cartoon faces, this filter may work. You appear charmed as this filter transforms you into a three-dimensional cartoon figure. Your hair will look funny with the filter. Plus, you may swap sexes by tapping the game screen.

Final Thoughts

Cartoon Face Lenses, which add animated faces to Snapchat photos, are fun. Turn into an adorable character and send your pals amusing, entertaining images with a few clicks. The charming Anime Style Lens or Pixar-inspired Cartoon 3D Style may appeal to everyone. These glasses make your photographic sessions and talks more fun. 

Finding what you want, choosing a lens, taking a shot, and sharing it with others are all it takes. We recommend checking out these lenses to bring animated enchantment to your Snapchat stories. Play, take photographs, and have fun in Cartoon Face Lenses’ fantastic universe!


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