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Transitions in Streaming Service with fun tv


Chinese firms launched funtv, a TV broadcast service targeting Chinese expats. Like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Netflix, it lets these peoples watch Chinese TV series online. The diverse network of Chinese content creators produces reality programs, dramas, movies, action flicks, short stories, and more for funTV viewers.

It was an excellent online video platform for reaching Chinese people worldwide. In this post, read about fun TV’s history and effect on the Chinese community globally while exploring the funtv APK.

What is funTV?

A group of Chinese expats founded funTV to help their fellow Chinese overseas. The massive fun TV works with Windows computers, iOS, macOS, and Android devices. The interface is simple, inviting, and helpful. You can enjoy a vast video collection with over 15,000 films, including Hollywood and European blockbusters, popular TV series, variety programs, new cartoons, and more.

Transitions in the fun TV app

It will create industry standards and shape the video industry and omni-media age. This commitment will ensure its dominance in the global video market.

There have been improvements to primary Chinese internet TV services. funTV has been deactivated, and a static page on the company’s website has read “This site is closed” for months. After replacing fun TV, the ifvod.tv app offered identical programming.

What ifunTv / fun.TV Offers?

Chinese-speakers in the US, EU, and MENA may use ifunTV / fun.TV. You may compare it to Chrome Cast, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. The funTV app has the newest Chinese movies, TV dramas, variety programs, cartoons, news, entertainment, life style, fashion, and tech shows.

You can watch funTv for free, but a premium subscription removes commercials and other restrictions. After 15–20 minutes of the free version, you must view video advertising.

With a premium membership, you may eliminate commercials and view high-quality movies without limits. You may watch top-rated primetime programs. Mobile applications and PC clients let VIPs watch their favourite programs and movies in beautiful HD wherever. Visit the company’s website and download the funtv or fun.tv app.

Difference Between Free and VIP users of fun/ funTV

You may benefit from viewing Chinese material on many devices. Many operating systems are supported, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS—the fun.TV website offers iOS and Android app downloads. Installing the funTv or funTV Web application client lets you bypass browser limitations.

funTV Features for Free Users 

  • You can enjoy many Chinese movies and news items.
  • High-quality films and TV episodes for free.
  • Save items to a wish list for later viewing.
  • Video quality maxes out at 480p.
  • Advertising will appear after 15-20 minutes of watching.

Extra Features of If.TV/funTV VIPs

  • Settings allow 4k video quality for accessible material.
  • Downloaded internet shows for offline viewing.
  • Request particular videos
  • Video search option
  • Hide your identity
  • Filter and skip advertising while watching.
  • It’s inexpensive at 15€/month.

Final Thoughts

This post we have discussed everything about fun tv. We hope it helps you a lot. This is the best online Chinese TV service we’ve used these days. However, many significant persons have excelled in the discipline. Using the funTv app is simple. The fun TV apps, accessible on their website, let you watch Native Chinese TV series on the move.


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