BiographyCristina Servin: Age, Height, Bio, Married & Net Worth

Cristina Servin: Age, Height, Bio, Married & Net Worth


Cristina Servin is well-known for being the spouse of Tony Ferguson, a former interim lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). There is minimal information online about Cristina Servin and little is known about her life and profession. This page will provide you with a thorough overview of Cristina life, career, and wealth.

Who is Cristina Servin?

She is a former model but now, a professional clay artist. Cristina creates fabric crafts and clay models which she continuously shares on her instagram account. She ships her work and art globally. Being a celebrity wife she is also having a strong net worth through her well established business. 

Cristina Biography:

Cristina was born on August 15, 1991. She celebrated her 52nd Birthday in 2023. She came into the limelight when she got married to Ferguson. In an interview with MMA, Ferguson also revealed that XT on his social media refers to his wife. He has revealed that Cristina is his biggest motivator. She was born in the United States as a result she has white ethnicity along with an American passport. Her appearance as a pageant from America made her popular but her marriage with Ferguson made her globally popular.

Cristina Early life:

American soil is where Cristina was born. It is unknown when she was born, as well as anything about her parents or siblings. There isn’t much information accessible about Cristina Servin’s early years because she has managed to keep her early years and background private.

Cristina Education:

Although there is no information out about her early life and education. Still, it is believed that Cristina has graduated. But, it is not authorized information because Cristina kept her personal life hidden. It has been reported that she is graduated from California State University.

Cristina Age:

As she was born in August 1991 she celebrated her 32nd birthday in August 2023. Although she has not posted her celebration pictures. But, being in middle age she kept herself superfit. Her lifestyle maintains her body style that makes her look younger.

Cristina Height & Weight:

Due to her appearances in public with her husband. It has been observed that she has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. On the other hand, she approximately measures 60 Kilograms. She keeps her weight maintained with exercises and running. As she is a former model, she likes to be physically fit.

Cristina Servin Family:

Cristina professional background is not widely known. She did not disclose his career. She is a loyal wife and mother who spends the majority of her time caring for her family, nevertheless.

Cristina Servin Career

She started her career with modeling. Later on, Cristina started her artistic skills to create clay arts and fabric art. It is unknown how much money Cristina is worth. It is difficult to determine her net worth precisely because there is little information accessible about her work. Cristina probably leads a lavish lifestyle, nevertheless, being the spouse of a well-known UFC fighter.

Cristina Servin Relationship with Tony Ferguson:

Ferguson’s wife Cristina doesn’t like to monopolize the spotlight, despite the fact that her husband is a well-known figure in the UFC.

The pair has not revealed their first meeting and how they met each other. But, it’s rumored that Tony had a big crush on  her and they got in a relationship.

After becoming engaged in 2011 and getting married the following year, the couple had a very quiet life, with Ferguson sharing lovely family pictures on his social media profiles up to the beginning of 2019.

Cristina Servin and Tony’s Children:

Armand Anthony, their only child together, was born in 2016.Ferguson turned to social media and posted a statement on his Instagram page following his widely reported problems.”Thank you all for the fantastic support,” it stated. I’m in fantastic spirits, and UFC and Management are assisting me in getting the assistance we require.Over ten years have passed since Tony Ferguson and Cristina started dating. The couple has been together since their 2011 wedding. Together, they are parents to Armand Anthony, a son who was born in 2016.

Cristina on Social Media:

Servin is available on social media platform, Instagram where she uploads her latest work. For example, clay art statues, multiple other pieces of decorative items. She has an instagram account with username @xtfergie from there you can follow her. Cristina has more than 26k followers with more than 300 posts. 

Cristina Servin Net Worth:

Servin likes to hide her personal life; she has not even shared things about her life. As a result her net worth is not revealed yet. But, she runs her well established business of fabric art and clay art materials. Although her husband has a good net worth of approximately 2.5 Million. The couple resides in a lavish apartment which is occupied with a number of facilities


Tony Ferguson’s wife, Cristina, is well-known in the UFC. Although her own wealth is unknown, she probably leads a luxurious life as the spouse of a well-known UFC fighter. Cristina has avoided controversy and managed to keep her private affairs out of the spotlight.

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