BiographyKassius Lijah Marcil-Green: Age, Wiki, Height, Parents, Net Worth

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green: Age, Wiki, Height, Parents, Net Worth


We all know that maturity comes with age, but the truth is also that maturity doesn’t depend on age only but also on circumstances. Kassius Lijah has also witnessed the same at the time of his father and mother’s divorce. Sources have always said that the US has seen the largest number of divorce but it doesn’t talk about how it would have affected the lives of their children. Today in this blog let’s explore how Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green’s life got affected.

Biography of Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, nicknamed Kass, was born on 15 March 2002, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was born to Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil, who separated soon after he was born. Kass has three siblings and he has a net worth of $1 Million-$4 Million.

Who is Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green?

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green is an up-and-coming American actor who is best known as the son of Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil. The young actor was born on March 15, 2002, so Kassius Lijah Marcil Green’s age was 20 years in 2022. His Zodiac sign is Pisces.

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green’s Height and Weight:

Kassius Lijah Marcil Green’s height and weight are 5 feet 7 inches (178 centimeters) tall and weigh 132 pounds (60 kilograms). He has dark brown hair and eyes that are the same color. Although these measurements are just an estimation of her physical appearances on social media. There is no official statement given by Kassius.

Early Life and Passion for Acting:

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green was born into a family that fostered creativity and artistic expression. Growing up in the artistic enclave of Los Angeles, he was surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. His parents, both accomplished in their respective artistic fields, recognized Kassius’s natural talent and encouraged him to explore his passion for acting.

From a young age, Kassius immersed himself in the world of storytelling, often putting on impromptu performances for family and friends. His innate ability to connect with emotions and convey them through his expressions quickly set him apart, hinting at the promising career that lay ahead.

Family of Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green:

Brain and Vanessa are his parents. The two stars met in 1999 on the set of the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. They went out on a few dates and got engaged in July 2001. Even though they had planned to get married, they broke up after the birth of their son in 2003.

Kassius Lijah Marcil Green Parent’s Relationship:

Green and Marcil started dating in the 1990s, and they got engaged in 2001. They broke up soon after Kash was born, though.

Green got married to Fox in 2010, and Kassius was the best man. He was also said to be the only guest at the wedding, which didn’t come as a surprise since Green had told PEOPLE in the past that they were planning a small ceremony. “At first, we talked about eloping, but now we might have a few people there,” said Green.

Green and Marcil have made their fights about how to raise their kids public over the years. In November 2018, Marcil said that Green and Fox had stopped having anything to do with Kassius. In a long Instagram post, she said that she went to court against the two for many years. “12 years ago, I was served with legal papers,” she wrote. “I then spent 8 years or more defending myself and my son in custody court because his father and stepmother tried to get full custody (which would have meant I would have only seen my son four days a month) and then asked me to pay them child support.”

Marcil also said that Kassius didn’t have a room in Green and Fox’s house and that he hadn’t seen Megan or his younger brother since. He can no longer find out where they live. isn’t asked to spend holidays with them. Even on Father’s Day.”

In February 2023, Marcil replied to a comment about Green on social media by saying that they “didn’t and don’t co-parent” and that she “raised my son alone.” Green wrote on Instagram that Marcil’s claims were “lies” in response to the claims.

He wrote on his Instagram Story, “I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see a woman who is 50 or older lying on social media like she is still in high school.” “She has never in her life done what she said she would do. It’s easy to talk. Since Kass’s mom wasn’t around much when he was young, Megan and I worked hard to make sure he had a full life. I think this is why she now posts so much about him. When will she just leave me alone?”

Education of Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

Always interested in the field of acting like his father. Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green pursued Theatre and Performance during his college. With the successful completion of his degree he pursued his dream career and acted in several series and drama. 

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green’s Career:

Brian Austin’s son went to college to study acting and theater. Kassius has tried his hand at acting, just like his parents did. In the 2018 theater production of Aladdin, he played the lead part of Aladdin. 

Kassius has ventured into the acting world just like his parents. Recently, the actor was cast as Chocked-Out Charlie in the British show Normal British Series. Brain Austin Green The actor and director Marcil Green is the father of Kassius Lijah Marcil Green. Many people know him because he was in the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. He has also been in Freddie, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Wedding Band, and Anger Management, all of which were big hits.

Kassius Lijah Green Relationship:

His sexual preference is to be with men. Kassius Lijah marcil-green is gay and is not married at the moment. He is, however, dating a guy named Lan Ward. They’ve been going out for a few years now. Since 2019, the two are said to have been in a love relationship. 

Social Media of Kassius Lijah Marcil Green:

Lijah is a YouTuber with over 645 members, but he doesn’t have a TikTok account. On his channel, he posts videos of video games and other funny things. His work is about video blogs and games. Kassius is also active on Instagram, where, as of 16 September 2022, he had about 19.7 thousand followers.

Kassius Lijah Marcil Green’s Net Worth:

Kassius Lijah Marcil Green’s Net Worth is approx. $800k USD. The main source of his income is acting, advertising, and video creation. He earns a massive amount from social media, especially on Instagram and Youtube. He has collaborated with many commercial brands and has promoted numerous products. It is estimated that his father, Brian Austin Green, has a net worth of eight million dollars ($8 million). His appearances in a variety of movies and television shows are the primary sources of his income.

Personal Favorite of Kassius Lijah Marcil Green

 Talking about his hobbies are acting, dancing, video creating, and traveling. His parents are known for their roles in the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210, which is a romantic story. Kassius is also popular on YouTube and other social media sites, where he has a lot of subscribers.

Facts About Kassius Lijah Marcil Green:

  1. He also has 3 half-siblings from his father Brian and stepmom Megan. His Half siblings are Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green, and Journey River Green.
  2. He was one year old when his parents Brian and Vanessa parted ways.
  3. He has identified himself as gay and has been in a romantic relationship with Ian Ward for a long time.
  4. He is an animal lover and he has a pet dog and also a cat


Over all in this log we have tried to provide our readers with a wide range of information about Kassius Lijah life, education, career and his love life. Kassius Lijah Marcil Green though faced hard circumstances yet we can’t deny that it didn’t affect his life. He dealt with every situation and today he is widely popular.

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