BiographyLyndrea Price: Age, Height, Bio, Career & Net Worth

Lyndrea Price: Age, Height, Bio, Career & Net Worth


Not a lot of people are aware of the older step-sister of Venus and Serena Williams, Lyndrea Price. She is the daughter of Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed. She is quite private about her personal life and some of her bio data hidden from the public. However, her success and her relationship with the two tennis stars are not at all concealed. She is an entrepreneur who has worked with hee sisters and they share a very affectionate relationship.

Who is Lyndrea Price?

Lyndrea is a famous personality who is the sister of Serena Williams. She is a popular TV personality and a fashion designer. She is a member of an illustrious family who is quite popular among their fans. Price also works as a social media influencer where she has sizable audiences. 

Lyndrea Price Biography:

Lyndrea was born in 1978 in the United States of America. She was born to Yusef Rasheed and Orecene Price. She is the half sister to Serena Williams; her family was already popular across the globe. Ms Price currently represents her sister’s brand Venus Clothing where she also works as a model and creates multiple collaborations.

Lyndrea Price Physical Appearance:

Lyndrea celebrated her 45th birthday in 2023 as she was born in June 1978. She has an african-american ethnicity with blonde hair and black eyes. Her height is approximately more than 5’6’’ and she weighs around 65 Kilograms. Although there is no exact information about her physical appearance these are estimates calculated on her virtual presence.

Lyndrea Price Family:

Oracene Price married to Richard Dove Williams Jr., the father of Venus and Serena Williams, who also fathered Lyndrea. She did play tennis with her stepfather in her younger years, but her interests lie somewhere else.

Lyndrea Price Siblings

Lyndrea Price has a total of seven sisters, including the two tennis divas, Venus and Serena Williams. Oracene Price mothered five children, including Lyndrea. Lyndrea Price has a very good relationship with all of them. So much so that Serena Williams once said that her family is her loved place; her sisters share everything with her despite her being the youngest of the lot.

Price has known as a feminist and an activist on women’s rights. This makes her an icon to many women worldwide. Along with this, her African- American culture makes her a diva among her people. She often known for conducting women’s rights programs. She might not be as popular as her tennis star step-sisters, but she her own queen.

Lyndrea Professional Career

She worked as a wardrobe consultant for Home Shopping Network and then worked as a director of Freelance Wardrobe Consulting. After this, she worked hand in hand with Venus Williams on the fashion brand EleVen, where the tennis diva served as the brand ambassador for several active sportswear. Price has also worked in fashion and marketing in several places, including shows like “Game On! King Richard” and so on.

She works as a creative client for EleVen at the moment. She has a lavish lifestyle which she shares with her family. She noted to have a net worth of about $150k in 2022. Her career in fashion designing and apparel merchandise is not her only source of income. She also has an active role in other projects as well.

Lyndrea Price Marriage

Lyndrea Price married to Vernon Imani. The couple met in Los Angeles and married soon later, although the exact details are not available to common public. Her partner not widely known to the public, but she known for working with his community at the America Campus Communities as an assistant. 

Lyndrea Price on Social Media

Lyndrea is available on social media platforms such as Instagram and X (earlier popular as Twitter). She has 15k followers on instagram with more than 300 posts available. Her audiences love to see her posts and updates about her life. She made her online presence after appearing on Venus Clothing Brand.

Lyndrea Price Net Worth

Lyndrea has a good net worth of more than $1 Million. This is due to her brand collaboration and endorsement. Apart from this, she earns from her sister’s clothing brand. On the other hand, she also participates in other activities from where she can earn a good amount of money.


Lyndrea Price became globally popular when she was born to Orecene Price and became half sister to Serena Williams. Serena is a global Tennis Celebrity Star who performed well in her sports and attained multiple fans. On the other hand, Lyndrea did multiple things to build her career and as a result she has made a huge net worth.

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