GamesHow to earn free Diamonds in Garena free fire?

How to earn free Diamonds in Garena free fire?


Garena Free Fire has gained popularity due to its unique gameplay and variety of character skins available. Everyone is curious about to download free fire hack and get unlimited diamonds on the Garena free fire. Apart from this every skin available in the game has unique abilities and they really make your characters unique. However, few skins are available in exchange for in-game currency. A pro gamer might be knowing about the things we are talking about.

Just to be honest it’s really difficult to earn this in-game currency diamond and they are very rare to be found for free. However if someone is looking for a free source to earn diamonds there is also a free way to do that. In this blog we will talk about the free way of earning diamonds. 

The main thing is that the game has aesthetic pleasing content that makes it the most unique game to play. The game also has many skins to offer which is a must to go for a game lover. There is so much to have in a small bag pack. 

For community members this game is really fun to play. By joining the community there is a feature called bug reporting where you can report bugs and earn diamond with it by reporting the bugs to the advanced server. Here is the steps from which you can earn Free Fire Diamonds:

  • Visit the official website of free fire
  • Login from your facebook ID
  • Make sure that your ID is synced with free fire
  • Create your account and fill up all the details

More Information About Free Fire Game: 

The main problem is the advanced server has many entries and gets filled very quickly. In such cases you need to wait for the re-entry and you can easily get in. There are few slots reserved for testers and others are easily open to login. Once you are registered on the advanced servers it’s really easy to earn free diamonds on the free fire.

Once you are registered on the advanced server of free fire. Follow this steps and you can easily earn free diamonds from the free fire game:

  • With your account you have to find bugs and report them
  • For a successful report you get 100 diamonds
  • If you work in team and you can easily earn to a whooping 3000 diamonds


Garena free fire has gained popularity because of its unique game play and the variety of skins available in the game. It’s really difficult to earn diamonds in free fire but once you have your luck you can easily earn diamonds by registering on the advanced servers and you can earn free diamonds by reporting bugs on the advanced server


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