– The Friendship between a Rooster and a Turkey

Rooster Vs Turkey

We all spend too much of our time on social media these days. Some times for entertainment and some times for generating a source of income as social media pays a hefty amount of money if one has a good presence on these digital platforms and their content is being admired by many people. Youtube has always been the favorite site for a wide number of audiences. We always come across such content which we love sharing with our friends and family. Some of such videos gain popularity in a very short period of time with over millions of views. 

Today we are going to talk about one such video which is the barbarian rooster and the turkey video. Let’s have a closer look at what this video is about.

About the Video – Technical Aspects:

This video is a true masterpiece and was spread widely and shared by a huge number of people. The video is about a rooster and a turkey who engage with each other in a very playful manner. The video has been liked by many because of the details it has and the amount of its production value. The pixels of the video are so good and clear that the feathers of both the birds look so beautiful and every detail is visible. 

Entertainment Value of

This video gained popularity not just because of its good technical aspects but also because of the entertainment it brought to the viewers. From the very start of the video to the end, there is not even a single second where the viewers would feel bored. The way in which these two animals interact with each other is impossible not to captivate the audience’s attention. Both animals chase each other and the warmth which they share is such a pure joy to watch.

Popularity of the Video:

The rooster carrying the turkey on its back and walking in a funny way is what brought humongous popularity to the video adding more fun elements. People liked this because we don’t generally see such things often when a rooster and turkey interact with each other in such a playful and fun manner. These two animals are very unlikely and friendship between them is not so common. Mostly, if a rooster comes close to a turkey, the turkey gets irritated and attacks it or leaves the place. 

Another reason behind the video becoming famous is because of the qualities of the rooster which one can see in the video. It appears very confident and brave which is quite shocking because mostly roosters start running away if they are around unfamiliar people and someone approaches them no matter if it is an animal or a human. 

The Message behind the Video:

People also liked that though the rooster is smaller to the turkey, it still carries it on its back very fearlessly. Such a showcase of affection and strength is what attracts the viewer’s attention because many can connect with this as a lesson to be taken for their life. We all can learn from this that no matter how small you are, it’s all about your will and mindset if you want to do something and achieve something in life. If you have made up your mind, you can definitely achieve whatever you are willing to. 

Reaction to the Video

By now it must be pretty clear to you why this video gained so much fame and garnered the attention of so many people. Though we often see friendship videos of many animals and it is really pleasing as well, seeing the friendship between a rooster and a turkey is not something common, rather it is quite rare. The comments in this video is enough to tell us how much people have admired this unusual friendship and the playful bond between these two animals. 

You would be amazed to know that after watching this video, many people even talked about buying a barbarian rooster or turkey for them. Though it is a short video, which most people watched for fun purposes, it also has a deep meaning, which shows that love really has no boundaries and even two very different animals can develop a strong bond between them. 


In this fast changing environment, people have become so competitive that they spend a lot of time on keeping themselves happy and content. Such heartwarming and light animal videos are surely fun to watch. It not only takes away all your stress but also makes you jovial. Though this video has been deleted from youtube, there are many such animal videos which you must watch because it will definitely be worth your time and will make your day. 

So what are you waiting for, spare some time and go watch such fun animal videos on youtube and get yourself relaxed and cheerful. 

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